Coaching creates exponential growth, and organizational stages in startups come fast and furious. However, each of these stages requires a different form of leadership.


一种s organizations grow and mature, they go through可预测的阶段,每种都需要不同的形式为了在每个阶段取得成功。ensures that leaders are supported and growing exponentially in order to support this rapid evolution.

我们可以参考风险资本资金as a roadmap to match leadership and organizational dynamics. Each stage of organizational growth requires distinct skills and mindsets, and they are surprisingly different.

从贡献者转变为brings in the human factor, and managing others who are doing the work becomes primary over doing the work yourself as a founder. This is accompanied by increasing pressure from the market, board and associated complex decisions that involve many other humans for the first time. The best investment a leader can make is in having a place to actively develop in an effort to meet the different needs of each stage.教练可以支持所需的转换。


Early stages (pre-seed to A)


这个阶段是相当存在的:该公司实际上是诞生的,大多数决定都有很大的影响。保持集中和快速移动至关重要。人们报告说,这个阶段是由能量和创始人的激情推动的。一种coach can help a founder专注,优先考虑并了解其业务的开始。在这个阶段,教练经常为整个咨询; their effect is systemic and broad as they help the team work through designing earlyprocesses, provide feedback to each other and learn as they make critical decisions. They can also help quarterback other key resources and advisors who assist in the success of the business.



生长阶段的开端,有时是从A-ROND中,但在B或C弹达到峰值,是真正的组织基础的位置。一种领导班子形式,战略人力资源录用,和过程是布鲁里溃疡ilt to drive the organization and enable it to scale. It's during this time that culture comes to the forefront. In this stage, the CEO and other executives begin to focus on the organization as much as the product, and a true executive team begins to form. This requires a different, more human, skill set. Leaders have to become process builders.

These are also the stages in which leaders need intensive counsel and coaching so they can successfully make the transition from early-stage product leader to organizational leader. This requires an operating system change. It also typically requires a deep dive into where they ascribe value and the mental model of their role, which is to enable others to build and thrive versus doing it themselves. Growth-stage leaders also have to be process builders. They are the ones who建立基础架构that has not existed before, and this lays the foundation for the organization at scale. The competencies that enable this include emotional intelligence, vision, communication and narrative-building skills, a subtle understanding of cultural and social dynamics and the ability to motivate and inspire.

教练是发展这些领域的关键。教练可以帮助领导者升级其操作系统,并在此阶段处理基本转变。通过提供反思性的询问和支持,教练帮助领导者了解他们的价值来自放开业务的一部分,building cultureand the more symbolic aspects of their leadership. If they make it, these stages of growth can transform a leader into the mature version of leadership we know from larger companies.


Late stages

后期公司以增长阶段的能力为基础,以人为本的技能become even more important. For many, cross-functional relationships facilitate their effectiveness. However, this can feel political or jarring, as they are used to having full vertical control and have experienced seamless collaboration with a smaller leadership team. As such, this requires having more one-on-one meetings with peers and realigning mental models around horizontal leadership: your peers are how the work gets done.



一种coach at later stages helps a leader untangle cross-functional relationships and practicedifficult conversations。教练支持领导者了解领导力的微妙因果,并为领导者提供了一面镜子,使一名领导者能够摆脱难以置信的复杂决定。在这个层面上的领导是高度象征性的,驱动了文化的涟漪。教练可以帮助领导者了解他们的出现方式以及这如何影响成千上万人的参与和动力。

在所有阶段,都有一个开放空间来处理发生的复杂变化并进行勤奋调整至关重要。教练帮助领导者解决了可能影响公司长期可持续成功的关键盲点。投资教练at all levels of leadership provides one of the best mechanisms to scale the humans and human-centric skills as the business scales.

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