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Looking for information about how to open a Stride Fitness franchise? Here's what you need to know.


成立于2017年,Stride Fitness是一个基于跑步机的间隔训练概念,可提供针对每个健身水平设计的全身锻炼。Stride Fitness由动态,认证的健身专业人员和利用心率监测技术领导的引人入胜的计划,为参与三种签名类格式(包括间隔,基于耐力的和力量训练)提供了支持和包容性的环境。


With studios in some of the most competitive markets across the United States and almost 90 licensed locations, Stride Fitness is the first and only treadmill-based interval training. Based on the most universal modality in the world that has recently experienced a resurgence and participation, Stride Fitness is delivering an effective and dynamic total-body workout for a loyal, growing member base.

Stride is the first and only indoor running. Stride's treadmill-based cardio and strength classes are perfect for any level of walker, jogger or runner — reimagining the definition of a runner. At Stride, certified run coaches lead dynamic interval classes and members choose their speed and intensity on state-of-the-art Woodway treadmills to match their fitness level and goals.



  • First mover advantage: With studios in some of the most competitive markets in the U.S, there is still extensive market opportunity. Be the first to bring Stride to your local market and help others find their finish line.
  • 明智的投资和经验丰富的支持:随着步伐健身的吸引,吸引了广泛的成员来推销特许经营esalso enjoy a low-cost entry, a recurring revenue model, strong EBITDA margins and the confidence in a team with decades of experience in fitness.
  • Executive model:STRIDE的特许经营模型提供了完全可扩展的, allowing owners to determine their own success. Franchisees benefit from leveraged development costs and national vendor relationships, allowing them to launch successful studios.
  • 不断发展的会员经验: Stride's member experience is the core of what they do. The brand curates and consistently updates class programming and music, all while empowering coaches to facilitate member growth, class after class.

Considering franchise ownership? Get started now and find thepersonalized list of franchisesthat match your lifestyle, interests and budget.

Stride is part of the Xponential Fitness family of brands, the curator of leading fitness and wellness brands across every vertical in boutique fitness. With decades of fitness and franchising experience across its team, Xponential Fitness has the resources and network to ensure continued growth and support for its franchise owners.



初始特许经营费:$ 60,000。

初始投资:$ 372,412至$ 533,512。

Net worth required: $500,000.

现金要求:$ 100,000。

Royalty fee: 7%.




Stride Fitness franchising doesn't offer in-house financing for candidates but does maintain relationships with several third-party funding sources which offer financing to cover the franchise fee, startup costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable and payroll. Please review Item 7 of the 2022 Stride Fitness FDD for explanatory notes and additional details.


The Xponential and Stride Fitness team has the resources and network to ensure continued growth and support. The brand teams guide new owners through the entire opening process, from site selection, lease negotiation and construction, to recruiting studio staff, activating the membershipprocess andthe studio. Stride provides extensive ongoing training, weekly and monthly update webinars and one-on-one support to guide owners as their business matures.


  • Real estate: The brand's expert team will guide owners through the entire process, from site selection to lease execution, locating the ideal site for their Stride Fitness studio.
  • 金融: Stride's finance team can assist in loan processing through the SBA and preferred financiers.
  • 构建和设计:Stride Fitness将指导新所有者的新专营权位置的整个建筑过程 - 从公司批准的布局和通用建筑到室内设计,现场安全和技术。
  • Sales:加盟商可以期待全面且持续的销售培训,每月电话和专家指导 - 从预售到盛大开放,再到可持续性。向新所有者介绍了销售流程,零售范围,应用程序和POS系统,从而使他们从一开始就可以推动销售。
  • 营销: The minute new owners execute their LOI, the marketing of their studio begins with personalized support to ensure they generate maximum leads.
  • 招聘:Stride Fitness知道,人员配备是工作室成功的核心。新主人在招聘和发展最合格的教练,总经理和销售团队方面获得帮助。
  • 全面的培训:每个新的加盟商将参加该品牌在南加州的公司总部为期三天的培训课程,邀请年度特许经营大会和持续的每周支持。新所有者的员工还将接受广泛的销售培训,以确保团队实现工作室的目标。

Stride Fitness不仅为每个加盟商提供了广泛的培训和支持,而且还发展了教练。通过Stride认证的跑步计划,所有教练都学习了如何动态领导班级格式,练习安全性和形式校正,并授权各个年龄段和级别的客户跨越终点线。

要进一步了解有关特许经营机会的更多信息,请访问Stride Fitness brand page十博10bet吧'sfranchising website.