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How This Female-Owned Aviation Business Took Flight

An inspiring conversation with Lee Kapel, CEO & President of TSI Aviation Inc.

"To achieve success, you need to have respect for yourself and a passion for what you are doing."

Lee Kapel,首席执行官兼总裁TSI Aviation Inc., believes this with her heart and soul, and her faith in those two things has allowed her to achieve her goal of running an incredible woman-owned small business.


她的职业生涯始于一家名为“技术服务国际技术服务”的公司,在那里她学会了为自己的信念而战。卡佩尔回忆说:“我真的很喜欢销售,我记得当时去找公司总裁,并要求有机会机会来卖。他说,“嗯,不。这是航空 - 航空是一个人的世界。”我对他说,我尊重自己是一个女人,我要求与我打交道的人尊重,我会没事的。”

That fierce determination paid off. Some years later, that old company closed down and TSI Aviation was born. Kapel has thrived in the so-called man's world her former boss described, and today she is on speed dial for generals and military leaders who are constantly in need of her assistance.


During the pandemic, Kapel says,Chase for Business为她在那里。“他们中握着我们的手toughest times." Without the infrastructure that a lot of larger companies have, they have gone above and beyond to help keep TSI's business moving forward. "They even get on the phone with clients of mine when things need to be explained, so that we can remain focused on what needs to get done at the company."


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How This Female-Owned Aviation Business Took Flight

An inspiring conversation with Lee Kapel, CEO & President of TSI Aviation Inc.

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