Dr. Samantha Madhosingh

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
领导Strategist & Consultant

Dr. Samantha Madhosingh has authored and co-authored four books. She's appeared on CW, FOX, NBC, CBS, Emotional MoJo, Daytime and Heart & Soul. She trains entrepreneurs and conscious leaders on how to optimize their performance, productivity and progress without burning out.



3方面领导人可以开发他们的理科硕士acy Skills to Motivate Their Workforce and Drive Productivity

Diplomacy creates a culture where people can work well together, even in stressful environments. By doing this, leaders encourage better teamwork, engagement and productivity.


Cuidado: esta es la verdadera razón detrás de la "renuncia silenciosa"

La "renuncia silenciosa" es una nueva frase que inunda las redes sociales. ¿Por qué es tendencia y qué significa realmente para los empleados y líderes en el lugar de trabajo?


Employers Should Fear The Truth Behind Quiet Quitting. Here's Why.

Quiet quitting is a new phrase flooding social media. Why is it trending and what does it really mean for employees and leaders in the workplace?


Thousands Of Women Haven't Rejoined The Workforce. Here's How To Get Them Back.

The pandemic caused hordes of women to leave the workforce due to family responsibilities. Many aren't returning. Here's what companies can do to pave the way for their return.


How Leaders Can Make the Best of Remote Working

Learning how to build efficient, reliable and engaged teams in a virtual world is more important than ever before, as it looks like remote work is here to stay.


5 Work Trends Business Owners Should Focus on in 2022

Improving the working environment for those who choose to stay will be the key to success this year.

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