Dave Spooner

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Co-founder of Innago

戴夫·斯普纳Innago创始人之一,property management software designed to simplify life for small to mid-sized landlords. He has been involved in the real estate technology space since 2013, working to enhance the way landlords and tenants communicate.


Real Estate

Landlord vs. Renters Insurance — What Property Owners Should Know

Problems, disasters or accidents are unpredictable. With insurance, both landlords and renters can avoid financial loss and get peace of mind.

Thought Leaders

How to Start Investing in Rental Properties — Your Step-by-Step Guide

If you're a new investor, understanding the basic principles of rental real estate can help kickstart a successful investing career.


How to Enhance Your Rental Property Listings and Get More Units Filled This Year

Make the most of your rental properties in the 2022 leasing season with an effective marketing strategy that stands out on websites and social media platforms and captures potential tenants' attention.

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